Caixa de texto: VITAL
Vital Rates of Pelagic Fish Larvae

This project is financed by National Funds through FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology) project FCT - PTDC/MAR/111304/2009

To be able to develop reliable models of larvae survival and dispersal, the vital rates of larvae as a function of the environmental factors considered to be more influent for larvae survival are needed. The project VITAL aims at determine the ingestion and growth rates of the larval stages of the two most abundant small pelagic fish inhabiting Iberian waters, sardine Sardina pilchardus and the anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus, in relation to some environmental factors that affects their vital rates namely temperature, salinity and food availability. Special emphasis will be given to the influence of feeding conditions, since fish larvae are especially sensitive to non-optimal feeding conditions because most tissues and organs are still under progressive and intense differentiation and development as they grow.